SportJumpers Reservation – User Frontend

New Reservation / Booking Page

Embed on Your Website

The reservation system can be embedded onto your website. For an example check the homepage of

Simple Reservation

We believe the reservation needs to be as easy as possible. The entire booking process is completed in only two screens.

Jump Types

Jumpers will be able to select which type of jump they want to do. An Admin will be able to configure the different jump options that are available.

Select a Day

Based on the number of jumpers in the group the system will only show days having that capacity available.

Stripe Account

In order to utilize the reservation a Stripe account is required.

Collecting a Reservation Deposit

Jumper Information

We collect just the basic information.


Ad Admin can set the amount of deposit required.

Reservation Confirmation

Download Confirmation

Once the payment process is complete the user can download a copy of their confirmation.

SportJumpers Reservation – Admin Backend

Reservation Sub-Menu

Tandem and Solo Configure

From a scheduling standpoint Tandem and Solo jumps are handled differently.


Admin view of the new booking process shown above.


List of all reservations with the ability to download to Excel (CSV).

Tandem Skydive Configurations

Start and End Dates

These dates indicate the beginning and end of the season. Standard configuration days will only show available between these dates. Variance days can be added outside of these days for additional/ad hoc availability.

Checkbox Text

User must agree to the checkbox before proceeding to the payment screen. We use this as one last reminder that we have an age and weight limit.


The amount of payment required upfront per jumper. This amount and be 0$, the full amount, or anywhere in between.

Standard Configuration

Each day of the week can be configured for the entire season. A configuration made to Monday is applied to all Mondays in between the season start and end dates. A variance configuration overrides a standard configuration.

Variance Configuration

These are exceptions to the standard configuration. There may be a Monday that you want to be closed. You can add that as a variance and block off a specific day.

Standard Days and Variance

Standard Day Configuration

You need to configure the active days during the week. We are only open on Saturday and Sunday so those are the only Active days. You can then configure what time you want the first tandems to arrive and what time you want the last tandems to arrive.

Jumper count is the number of tandems that you can do from the start and end time. This allows 10 tandems to book at once or 10 individual people to book at separate times.

Variance from Standard

Variance is very similar to the standard configuration. The only difference is that you select a specific date to update. Variance overrides the standard configuration. You can block off a Saturday that you are going to be closed or open a Friday that you are off work.

Solo Skydive Configuration

Solo Options

An Admin has the ability to create, change, or delete solo options.

Standard Configurations

There are a couple differences from the tandem standard configurations. For solo jumps we assume that everyone will be starting the first jump course at the same time. It’s also more difficult to determine how long FJC is going to take. Students are also more restricted by weather. Because of these reasons we don’t set a specific end time for solo students.

The configuration options allow you to determine which days each method is offered. You may have a Static-Line instructor everyday but AFF instructors are only available on Saturdays.

Variance Form Standard

Variance configurations are the same except they are for a specific day.

Edit/Reservations List

Download All Books

An Admin can download all of the reservations into Excel (CSV).

Calendar Filter

Show all reservations for a specific day.

Time Filter

Show all reservations for a specific time.

Hide Past Reservation

Hide all reservations in the past. (This option is hidden by the jump type selector filter.)

Jump Type Filter

Show only a specific jump type

Edit a Reservation

Reservation Changes

An Admin has limited ability to make changes to an existing reservation. Changes can only be make to the date and time based on availability.

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