Release notes for SportJumpers system

Planned in Next Release

June 2020 Release

  • Ability to collect reservation deposit through Stripe integration.
  • Configure amount of deposit required per jumper.
  • When changing a reservation default to the current time and date.
  • Fixed but where reservation changes were not getting saved.
  • Improved ability to reorder the regulars list. This made it easier to select a jumper from the manifest screen.
  • Update list of reservations to include amount of deposit paid.
  • Add comments column to the transactions export.
  • When user is not signed in, remember the product selected.
  • Add sport jumpers directly to the Jumpers page.
  • Pilot slots follow same highlight in red rules for reserve and waiver date.

May 2020 Release

  • Fixed issue where reordering the Regulars list was not getting saved.
  • Sign-in remember me process extended so users have to sign-in less often.
  • Jumpers page added that shows all jumpers for a drozpone.
  • Enter Reserve and Waiver dates for jumpers.
  • Highlight slots in red when waiver or reserve date are not current.
  • Ability to change the phone number for a user.

April 2020 Release – Reservations

  • Ability to embed a reservation calendar on my website.
  • Add required text for checkbox on reservation screen.
  • Jumpers can select how many are in their group and find a day/time with that capacity.
  • Configuration added to turn on Reservations for specific dropzones.
  • Enter season start and end dates for tandem and solo jump options.
  • Standard configuration for each day of the week during the season.
  • Enter number of jumpers possible per day.
  • Enter start time and end time for each day.
  • Reduce availability based on current number of reservations.
  • Variance dates that override standard configurations for specific days.
  • View and filter all reservations.
  • Download all reservations to Excel (CSV).
  • Cancel a reservation.
  • Menu hidden from the new booking page.

Manifest updates

  • Removing user from load credits user account.
  • System automatically scrolls to the load a jumper was added to.

March 2020 Release – Manifest

  • Manifest that shows load number and available products.
  • Manifest that allows jumpers to select a product on a desired load.
  • Manifest showing four slots available per load.
  • Jumpers have the ability to change their display name.
  • Authentication text/short code implemented for security.
  • Responsive design for mobile, tablet and desktop incorporated into the system.
  • Real-time manifest updates for all users and devices.
  • Hard coded products and prices added.
  • Pilot slot added to each load.
  • Admin ability to add jumpers to a load.
  • Admin ability to configure a list of Regulars that are frequently at the dropzone for quick access when creating loads.
  • Admin ability to add loads to manifest.
  • Admin ability to see non-zero balances for jumpers.
  • Admin ability to add payment/withdraw transactions to jumper accounts.
  • Admin ability to reorder products.
  • Admin ability to download all transactions into Excel (CSV).
  • Additional backend functionality added for Admin users.