SportJumpers Manifest

Self Manifest from DZ iPad/Tablet or personal cell phone

Cell Phone

Jumpers can also manifest from their phone. They can also check their balance.

Dropzone iPad

Jumpers can self manifest from a wall mounted iPad/Tablet. They can also manifest for everyone in their group. This is ideal for jumpers who don’t carry their cell phone around all day or who are technologically challenged.


We also make it easy for the DZM to manifest sport jumpers, students, and pilots from their phone.

SportJumpers Manifest

Aircraft Size

The number of slots can be configured to match your aircraft. The default setting is 4 slots plus a pilot. This can be increased for a Cessna 206, Caravan, King Air, Otter, etc.


You will be able to configure which products sport jumpers see and the price for each product. Only Admins will be able to see the full products list.

Waiver Date

Jumpers that don’t have a current waiver will highlighted in red.

Reserve Date

Jumpers that are out of date will also be highlighted in red.

Checking Balances


This view only shows non-zero balances. You can also add payments/withdraws from other jumpers as well.

Download All Transactions

You can also download all transactions in Excel (CSV) format to filter and sort in more detail.

Adding Transactions to an Account


By clicking on a name you can enter that amount paid and added a comments. We use this for packings, teaching FJC, editing videos, etc.


When an instructors withdraws money we enter that here as well.

Tracking Reserve and Waiver Dates

Waiver Date

Waiver date must be in the current year or the jumper is highlighted in red on the manifest.


Reserve date must be within 180 days or the jumper is highlighted in red on the manifest.

Specific Configurations

Slot Max Count

Maximum number of slots available on the aircraft, excluding the pilot.

Visible Product Count

Number of products that are visible to sport jumpers counting down the list.


The admins has the ability to:

  • Create new products
  • Change prices
  • Re-order products (as visible on Manifest)
  • Delete products