We are excited to announce the release of our new Manifest and Reservation system for small dropzones.

My Background and Path to Developing SportJumpers Manifest


In 2013 my wife and I purchased 417 Skydive (now Flight Providers 417-Skydive). We are a Cessna 182 dropzone. We operated on the weekends and still maintain our full-time weekday jobs. The number of challenges to running a dropzone was shocking to say the least. Over time we did slowly grew our sport jumpers and staff. Our operations remains small but we were able to branch into flight training and hot air balloon rides. As our tandem and sport numbers started growing we explored different options for manifest and reservation systems.

IT Project Management

My full-time career is in software project management. I’ve managed a wide range of projects from iPhone/Android apps to large banking software applications. Even with my software background it was challenging to find the right tool for a manifest and reservation system. I finally decided this year to build my own system specifically for a small dropzone.

Manifest/Reservation Systems

In the past I had tried a number of reservation systems. These were 3rd party websites that would connect to my website. In all of them I found limitations that made it frustrating to manage bookings. On the manifest side I started with a white board and then built a trial system using google sheets for my database. The google sheet method worked well enough that we used it for 3 years. I have now reached the limitation of google sheets and managed the development of my own system.